Arni Kleftiko

Arni (lamb) kleftiko is a rustic traditional Greek dish, made primarily with slow cooked lamb.

The term ‘kleftiko’ originates from the work ‘klefti’ or thief and thus is literally translated to ‘the stolen meat’. The term began in the 1800s when it was illegal for the average person to own meat.

This results in many people stealing meat and cooking it in makeshift ovens dug into the ground or into the hillside. The openings would be sealed with rocks or mud to prevent the smell from drifting our and giving away the thief’s hidden meal.

Eventually, kleftiko would be cooked primarily in clay ovens, and even today, many Greek towns and villages and even restaurants, cook kleftiko in these clay ovens.

Although we strive to ensure authenticity, we prefer to purchase our lamb. We use Alberta lamb shank and slow roast it for several hours with garlic, olive oil, lemon and other, highly secret ingredients. We take great pride in our Kleftiko and commit to your full satisfaction.

If you have never eaten lamb before or are simply not that fond of it, we will say that you’ve simply not tried the best.

Our kleftiko is served with rice, potatoes and vegetables.